Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Funeral Service Attendance

If you are planning on attending the service, please RSVP via a comment to this post. We would like a rough head count to have an idea of how many people to expect. Funeral Service date, location, and schedule are posted to the left.


Anonymous said...

My parents, Keith and I will be there. We are driving up to UT Thurs. and will return to Ca. on Monday.
Stacey Millett

Tony Thompson said...

Tony, Sara, TJ, and Michael will be there

Anonymous said...

I hope to be there with Riley.

Nate said...

3 Fuhriman's, Nate, Janelle and Bart, will be there

LaMar said...

Joy & LaMar are flying up, Friday thru Monday and probably staying with Amanda's in-laws in South Jordan. Amanda is flying up from San Jose, Thursday thru Monday. Zachary, Charity and her husband Gosvani are driving up Friday and returning Sunday afternoon and probably staying with family/friends. Andy & Melody are off to Hawaii for two weeks and make their apologies and send their love. Amber really wanted to come, but just can't arrange it.

Kaye Nickell said...

Greg and Kaye Nickell will be coming to the services.

Greg and Kaye Nickell said...

Greg and Kaye are planning on attending the services.

Anonymous said...

Thane, Wendy, & Ethan Nelson are planning to attend the services. Trevor has been notified and they are praying for your family at the MTC.

cathleen said...

John and Cathleen Mason plan to attend the viewing. We were there on the scene of the accident.

Carol Pohorenec said...

Dear Ben and family - just want you to know the neighborhood is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. As I get any news, from the blog or from Deborah, I'm keeping the others posted. We still consider your family our neighbors. - Carol Pohorenec

Anonymous said...

Howard Family,

Once again, this is Stephanie from Hurst Hills(I went to Elementary school with your daughter in 5th and 6th grade. In 5th grade you nicknamed me Sheniqua on our Field Trip to Amon Carter Museum). I would love to come pay dues to your lost loved ones, but I am afraid I can't. I would also love to talk to Rachel and see her. I will send her a card for sure. I am also sending you another comment to let you know that this has shocked me and that the whole Hurst Hills family and PTA is behind you. In fact, they let everybody know of this event and sent out e-mails. I hope that Rachel and Caleb are getting better.

With love,
Stephanie (nicknamed Shaniqua by Mr. Howard)
Hurst Hills

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

I'll be there with you on Saturday and always.

Your friend,

Steve Parkins

Anonymous said...

The Kilgore family will be attending with 5 people. Ben, Rachel and Caleb continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. We love you and will be there to help in anyway we can.

Kay Kilgore

Anonymous said...

Ben, We are friends of your parents. We have known them since we were kids in So. Calif. We know you have been born (and taught) by goodly parents -- so as tough as this is, we have faith that you will get through this. All of your life, they have been preparing you for the trials that were to come to you. I'm sure they never thought of this one though. But you HAVE been taught -- so lean on the Lord and let him carry you through this.

Gary & I plan to attend the funeral and visit for a few minutes with you and your parents.

~~ Charlene Cobabe

Anonymous said...


TX/AR doc in NE

email me and I will send you additional contact information in regular email.

Glad to speak with you on the phone. Very happy Rachel is out of the hospital and doing well. Your friend, WBW

Anonymous said...

my gosh, bless you guys.
i wish i could attend the funeral.
chanell heeter

Faith said...

Ben, Joe and I will be there in spirit, but cannot unfortunately make the trip right now. Please know that you and your family are very much in our thoughts and prayers. We want to send flowers--can you please let us know where to send them to? You can email me at faith(dot)stencel(at)gmail(dot)com.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I have been out of town for the past week and just heard the sad news. I am so sorry. I will be there Saturday to add my support. I will also notify others at WesTech. You are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly sad and sorry for your profound loss. I am praying for you and your family and I know that your mom, Ester, and Mathew are in the Lord's hands, watching over you.
Love you, Honey.
Your 5th Grade Teacher,
Mrs. Boyer

Jared and Jodi said...

We will be attending. I'm not sure if my dad is going to be able to make it or not.

Jared Wright

Anonymous said...

My wife and I will be in attendance.

Bob Larson

Susan said...

I will be in attendance.

Susie Ose

Anonymous said...


Jacob sent me this link and I'm so very sorry for your loss. If I could attend the funeral I would. I have good memories of your family when you lived here in TX. My heart aches with you and my prayers go out to you, Rachel and Caleb.

-Kristen (Edwards) Soller

Neighbors said...

The McEntires (3) and the Wardleys(5) and the Fletchers (2) are planning on being there.

May God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Chuck, Debbie, and Morgan, from the Saginaw Ward in Texas, are planning to attend the services.

With heartfelt love and support,
Debbie Bartosek

Anonymous said...

Ben, Rachel, & Caleb,
Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the funeral services, but you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have fond memories of your family when you were in the River Trails Ward in Texas!
May God comfort you by His Spirit and strengthen you through the tender mercies of the Lord.
Natalie & Simon Guerrero

Angel Nibarger said...

I wanted to let you know that we will be flying in on Fri to attend Sat. There will be 3 coming.
I have been in friends with Janine for the last 12 years and I want to be there. Our kids played together and had fun at camps together. I loved them alot.

Angel & John Nibarger
Hurst 1st Ward, Tx

Anonymous said...

Add 2 more in attendance

Mark said...

We continue to pray for you and your family. Bette Ann and I will be at the funeral.
Love, Mark Hatch

Anonymous said...

ben, jerry and i will be attending. please let us know if there is anything we can do. we love you. jerry and debra

Anonymous said...

the barton family(4)is planning on attending

Anonymous said...

Rachel, oh honey, I'm thinking about you and so is Halsey! We love you and want you to know that. You are a special and wonderful girl! I am sure Heavenly Father is right there beside you. Don't be afraid. Death is just like going into another room where family and friends are waiting for you who love you. You are dearly loved, Rachel. I hope you know I won't forget you and your family. Love, Tami Poteet, Texas

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your losse I am keeping your family in my prayers and I love you Rachel
Dominque Ricks
5th and 6th grade hurst hills
feel free to call me anytime
or 682-564=6844

Keena said...

Good post.