Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Testimony and witness of Ben Howard exactly as given at the funeral (07/07/2007)

Before I begin, I wish to address those members of the media who may be in the congregation. I thank you for the courtesy and respect which you have shown my family in the last week. After today, the Howard family will once again disappear into obscurity as we are of no consequence to the workings of the world. Please continue to share the message of “HOPE” that organ and blood donation can be to the lives of those in need. The words I will share today are of my personal testimony and are of a spiritual nature. I would ask that you treat them with reverence and respect. Thank you so much.

As my emotions may get the best of me and also that I might not be misquoted as to things doctrinal or spiritual, I have written this testimony which I will share today. In addition, I will use terms so that those not of my doctrinal background and beliefs will understand my message.


My dear brothers and sisters, and when is say my brothers and sisters, I am referring to all those who have poured out there hearts in mighty prayer and supplication before the Lord our God on behalf of my family. I acknowledge the prayers and fasting of my LDS Ward, Stake and other LDS members throughout the nation, of my sweet brothers and sisters of the Harvest Baptist Church in Hurst Texas, of the Seventh Day Adventists of Salt Lake City, the LDS missionaries of the Dominican Republic Santa Domingo Mission, of my wonderful Christian friends and neighbors, locally and throughout the united states and especially my own family.

I testify to you that the Lord has heard your prayers. I bear witness before God this day, that I have felt as real as the Sun on my face, the power and majesty of those prayers. Through your faith in Jesus Christ, you have called down a miracle from the throne of God and I stand before you today, a man filled with the spirit of strength and peace. I testify, that at the core of the refiner’s fire, there is peace and safety in the bosom of the Lord and that all who call on his name in faith, shall witness his glory.

This week I have witnessed miracle upon miracle both day and night. I have been astounded at the love the Lord has provided me. He has ministered to my soul by the Holy Spirit of truth and prophesy, and by the hands of you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

I express gratitude to my Father on High, for the gift of my eternal family, for my beautiful wife Janine and all four of my beloved children. I am grateful for the love we shared on this earth and the time we had to share it. I am especially grateful for the gift of Rachel & Caleb which he has seen fit to leave with me.

I was asked by a friend what to pray for regarding my son Caleb as he is still in critical condition at Primary Children’s Hospital. I say pray for a miracle. Join me and let us exercise our faith once again, that the Lord might show forth his power and glory in and through Caleb, for He truly has the power to heal him in full, nevertheless, and regardless of the outcome, doubt not the Lords will and wisdom in this matter.

I was asked the other day how I was going to cope with being single. I testify to you, that by the everlasting power of God I am not now and shall never be single, for I know that my family has been sealed up to God forever and that Jesus Christ, has provided the way, that we might be together through all eternity.

Those of you, if any, who may feel to judge the events which lead to our being here today, this is not right, and to do so will put you in opposition to the teachings and will of the Lord.

I pray that each of you, my brothers and sister of all faiths, will come to know the love and mercy of the Lord which I have come to know this week. As a servant of the Lord this is my prayer and to these things I bear solemn record in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Mary wife of Joseph, our Savior, Christ the Lord



Anonymous said...

I truly look up to this man!

Anonymous said...

"If a man marry a wife not by me, their covenant and marriage is not of force when they are dead."

Docterine and Covenants 132:15

You and Janine will always be a great example of the teachings of our Savior.

Anonymous said...

Those words have been running through my mind every day since Ben said them. I just got goose bumps reading them again. I can tell he truly is blessed by the Lord just by his humble words. Thank you for posting that so we all may be able to draw from his strength in times of weakness. We still pray constantly for your family Ben and we love you guys very much. May God heard all the prayers being said for your family and pour them down upon you as often as you need them.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Ben. Words seem so weak right now. Thank you for sharing your testimony. We will do as you ask for Caleb.

You are inspiring a great many people. I also hope that you can fade away from the public light and just raise Rachel and Caleb. They've been through so much.

I think I'm due for a fast.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing a beautiful testimony. I am so happy to read that Caleb is doing better and will continue to remember all of you in my prayers.

Miracles do happen and your strength along is a miracle.

I hope only the best for all three of you as times moves on and rejoice in knowing that your family will be together again forever.


Kristen (Edwards) Soller

Di said...

I am one of the press who covered the story of Ben and Janine Howard. I have to say instances like these are not my favorite part of the job, but it was amazing to hear of the family's faith, kindness, and ability to look beyond their pain to help others. I look up to Ben Howard and wish him the best in the hard days ahead.

Barbara said...

I too am touched by the power of Ben's words. We as missionaries in the Dominican Republic have missed Quilden and Alora terrifically but we are grateful they are there for Ben, Rachel, and Caleb. You continue to be in our prayers.

Hna Fallick

Anonymous said...

How is Caleb progressing?????????

Anonymous said...

how is there son caleb doing?

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! that is great news indeed!!!! We continue to pray for your whole family! thank you for keeping us informed about Master Caleb!!
All our love!

Anonymous said...

Please give another update on the condition of Caleb. We pray for him and your family daily. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How is caleb's recovery coming along?

Anonymous said...

How is everyone doing? Has Caleb been able to go home from the hospital permanently yet?

Anonymous said...

are you guys ok?

Anonymous said...

Hi Howard Family,

I was thinking about yall and wanted to know how Caleb is doing. If possible please post an update on him.

Thanks and with love,

Angel Nibarger
Hurst 1st Ward

Anonymous said...

Ben, please email me.

We miss you and are concerned.

We love y'all!

Cara said...

Heavenly Father knew you could handle the challenge he has given you. He knew that you had the love, courage, and strength it takes to raise your children in a way that's right in his eyes. Heavenly Father knows that you hurt, he knows you miss your family, he has blessed you with loving and supportive family members, and a close circle of friends who love each of you, and will help carry your pain when it seems too tough for you to manage.
You're not alone, you'll never be alone. Your family lives on, and will never leave your side. They laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry. This pain you feel will ease with time.
Heavenly Father is preparing you now for something he has planned for you in the future. You are constantly receiving rich gifts and blessings from him, and his love surrounds you all the more.
One day, your children will stand and thank you for all the love and sacrifices you've given them during this time.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday "J".

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you!

April said...

I'm still thinking of you and your family. I wish for your family peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday J-girl!

I finally got it right!

Love and miss!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

I just saw your video on Facebook about Caleb and the dog during therapy. Hope he is doing alright. Love to hear an update.

God bless!