Friday, June 29, 2007

Current updates on the children are on the left.


Tori :) said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Our family is praying for yours in this tragic time. God bless you and give you strength.

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry for the losses in your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know your family, my heart is broken. I can only imagine what you are going through. Bless you all.

Ryan Leonard said...

Dear Ben Howard Family, David & Karen Adams,

We were very saddened to hear of your loss today. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this difficult time.

Ryan Leonard
Michael Eaves

megan said...

This tragedy has tugged at my heart... please know that your family is in my prayers for your strength and comfort.

Barb said...

God Bless You.
Your losses are heartwrenching.

Anonymous said...

Oh! How my heart is breaking for your sweet family. There is nothing that I can say that will make it 'all better', but I wish so much that I could! I pray that God will be with you at this time, and will take you by the hand if you need it.

-Molly Kay

Anonymous said...

I live across the state, but when I heard this story I couldn't help but feel for the family and friends. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I am truly sorry!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben and Family,
Know that the Hurst First Ward in Texas is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and are here when you need us.

Bishop Tommy Hamilton

Faith said...

We love your family more than words can express.We treasure every moment that you had permitted us to be spend with you. Our hearts are broken beyond comprehension.

Joe and Faith

Shawnalee Heiner said...

I can't imagine losing my children let alone your significant other. I am very sorry for your loss.
My daughter and I were watching the new and it struck her kind of hard. She was very sad for your family. We will have you in our prayers.

gwen said...

May the God of all peace help your family through this terrible, terrible time. Know that the prayers of the community are with you.

Nicky said...

I was just in shock to hear about this tragic story! I heart goes out to you and your family! God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben, we have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers from your ward in Texas. We pray the Lord's comforting blessings to be with you at this time.

Shane and Lisa

Anonymous said...

God bless your family at this most difficult time. The God of Heaven will protect you and comfort you during this tragic time. Your family is in the hearts and prayers of so very many people. God be with you.

Efialtis said...

As much as I hate to say it, I hope that people will look to this incident as an example. In other words, I don't care that the other driver (the pick-up driver) has a broken back, etc...if he is found "at fault" he should be charged with a crime and prosecuted for, at a minimum, manslaughter.
People are failing to realize their actions have consequences. In this case, there is mention of "drowsy driving". This is as bad as driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs - legal or not).
There is also the growing problem of "distracted driving", which is taking lives as well.
I feel for the family. I have a wife of 13+ years and 4 children, and loosing any of them would devastate me.
I know there needs to be forgiveness, but there also needs to be justice.

Penny said...

I am so sorry for this terrible tradgey your family is going through right now. My sons called me yesterday to tell me of the accident. They were about 300 yards away and heard the impact of the crash. They said it was amazing how quickly people stopped to try and help. God bless your family at this time and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Sawyers

Brandon Tibbitts said...

Dear Ben Howard and Family,
Our entire family is praying for you.

Brandon Tibbitts,
Son of Richard and Ethel Tibbitts

Dave and Meredith said...

Ben and family,

We sorrow with you---you are in our thoughts and prayers and hearts...words cannot express our sadness. Your friends in Texas are praying for you....

Dave and Meredith Jeppson & family

the skeltons said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you right now. My little 5 year old said his prayers last night that the family in the bad crash wouldn't be scared.

I echo his sentiments, and hope that knowing that the love and prayers of friends and strangers alike are there in behalf of your family will be a strength to you all at this difficult time.

We love you!

Anonymous said...

We are sorry for you loss and our prayers are with you. Know the Lord loves you.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry. Our family is in shock. Hannah is very troubled for her friend. When the time is right, I want to come and sit with you.

If there is any good in this, I am reminded to hold my family close.

Thanks to Dave for setting up this blog so that your Texas brothers and sisters can stay updated without distracting you from what must get done.

I love you, Brother.


Anonymous said...

This is so terrible as someone who lost a sister also in an accident please know that I feel some of your pain while you have to suffer greater loss then I the pain is still strong.

My heart and prayers go out to all your family as they deal with this tragidy.

Anonymous said...

We live just a short distance from the accident and watched and listened yesterday as the police, ambulances, fire truck, and the airmed helicopter arrived on the scene. We knew something terrible had happened. We are so sorry for the loss of your precious wife and children. You are in our prayers. We also pray for the young man who caused this tragedy. Certainly no one can wish to create this type of tragedy and we know he is affected too. May the Lord strengthen and bless all those who are injured and in need of healing.

utmommy said...

Your family is in our prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family.

Annie Winn said...

Dear Ben, we love you and are praying hard you find some peace in all this! We (the AR Doc in NE and I)want you to know we will be there in a flash whenever you have need of us and you are ALWAYS welcome in our home!! Janine was one of the GREATEST women I've EVER known! But I know you know that. THANK GOD for the plan of salvation!!! Where would we be without it?
All our love to you ,kiddo! Keep us posted.
Your Eternal friends,
William, Annie, Riley, Everett and Emma Winn.
p.s. Riley cried today when I told him about Ester. I think he had had some long term plans worked out there....maybe later!

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear of your tragic losses. We hope you can find comfort. You are in our prayers.

princess jen said...

We are thinking of you at this time and while the pain is great and difficult to bear, please know we are sending love your way.

Ric and Nancy said...


Our family holds yours very dear in our hearts. When we told Richard and David, they both wanted to do something. Richard was making plans to call or come to the hospital since he's at the Y. David immediately asked for your cell number to call since he's here in Texas. Ric and I were up several hours last night praying, and talking about our many years of friendship with you and Janine.

We love you and wish you and your family were here so we could be by your side through this. We are so grateful that you have family in Utah to sustain you at this time. We are also grateful for the comfort you must feel knowing you, Janine and the kids are sealed for time and all eternity.

All our love,
Ric and Nancy

Anne/kq said...

My prayers are with your family. I am so sorry.

Ben said...

Ben, I just don't know what to say. The shock has yet to wear off. I can still hear Janine and the kids yelling "MR. WILSON" whenever I came over. Which now I realize was not often enough. We love you and are praying for you.

Ben, Deborah, Thomas & Meaghan

Joe & Janet said...

Ben and Family,

Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. We are so very sorry for the loss of your sweetheart and children. Our hearts are broken as well. We know that our Father in Heaven holds you in His hands and will give you the strength and wisdom that you need during this most difficult time.

Joe and Janet Smith and family

Anonymous said...

I am so sadden by these horable events. I have a hard time dealing with them and feel verry sorry for the family. My heart goes out to you.
-The Bond Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Howard and Adams Families, I am sososo sorry to hear of this tragic accident. I pray for you and those survivors that God will bring you peace and comfort and the faith and strength to get through each day. We love you!

Andrea Lynette said...

Dearest Ben and family-

We cannot understand what you are feeling nor the loss you have endured. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. We can only pray that you may feel a measure of peace through the promises of eternity and the gifts given by the Savior that will allow your family to always be together. We love you.

Jimmy & Andrea Ballard

Victoria Bennett & Family said...

Dear Ben and Family,
Our daughter, Victoria, is a close friend to Rachael and has been to your home several times. We met your wife, Janine, and were very impressed with her sweet and humble spirit. We know that Janine loved her family very much. We are at a loss of words as what to express in such a tragedy. We will be praying for you and your children. Victoria is rallying her friends even today to provide an uplift and support to Rachael. We pray that you will find peace through our Heavenly Father and His great plan for you and your family.


The Bennetts

Anonymous said...

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this hard time. God bless you to find peace and help you through this difficult time.

LaMar said...

Ben, our whole family is praying for you, Rachel & Caleb, and of course your folks and siblings. God Bless you all. If there is anything we can do. Please let us know. We want to be there with/for you all... Let us know when.
LaMar & Joy Millett Family

White'sHappening said...

My heart and prayers are with your family during this trying time. May God comfort you and bless you.

-Liz White
Daughter of Chris & Sally Seil from the Hurst 1st Ward

Anonymous said...

Ben & family,
Your Uncle Jerry called my Mom (Aunt Kathy and Uncle R.L.) and told them of your heartbreaking news. We want all of you to know that we love you and our thoughts and prayers are with your whole family. The loss of a child is devasting we miss our Raquel everyday. I can't imagine losing two children and my sweetheart. We will continue to pray for you daily. I can imagine there was a wonderful reunion in Heaven. There is great comfort in our knowledge of the plan of salvation and our Saviors love for us. May He comfort you in the days, weeks, and years ahead.
Uncle R.L. Aunt Kathy & family

cathleen said...

To the Ben Howard Family,
My husband and I would like to come to the funeral. We were one of the first responders to the accident. I cann't tell you how horrible it felt to not be able to reach them in the car. Then when my husband got the one door open we were able to get the one boy out and stablize him. All I could think about was your family.

A Tribute to Janine- said...

My sister not of my blood. “Every where I look I see you there”. Those were my words to you in our phone conversation as you settled into your new home. I’m still feeling that, but now more than ever. It’s bitter sweet as I go to work and remember you there; every week teaching and training your children as they took a break from schooling at home and did their lessons at the library. I carry visions of Ester at full speed running to the children’s department from the restroom to beat no ones record but her own, wisping her hair out of her face as she always did, more from habit than necessity. Matthew, what a fine young man he turned out to be. You put a lot of work into that boy, and it shows. You knew your children well Janine. All the way from knowing their individual learning styles, to how to get them to embrace honor for themselves as a family. I dare say I will never know another woman in this lifetime who was more dedicated to following her destiny of motherhood while enriching herself and those around her. Elaine L. Jack, General RS President has said, “No greater heroine lives in today’s world than the woman who is quietly doing her part” That sums you up my friend.
Love you, Michele

Ben & family, Thank you for setting up this site where we all can share in your heartache and grief. Sending our love, thoughts, and prayers,
The Haynes Family

Melissa said...

Ben, Rachel and Caleb: Our hearts are so heavy with the loss of your wonderful family. Please know that we grieve with you and we love you all so much. While we can't understand this tragedy we will always have such beautiful memories of Janine, Matthew and Esther. We are so blessed to have had them in our lives even if for only too short of time. Your in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Each morning lean thine arms awhile
Upon the windowsill of heaven
And gaze upon thy Lord--
Then with a vision in thine heart
Turn strong to meet thy day!
Written by Annonymous

Although I do not know your family
personally, Just wanted to share this little poem that has helped me through much trial in life! I believe everything will be made up to you through the eternities.
--Love, Your Sister in the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

God bless you all. We will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

What a great family you have our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time out daughter prayed that Rachel will get better love the mulder family

Anonymous said...

Ben and family,
I do not know you but heard of this through my dad who is friends with your family (Byron). I am so sorry for your loss. I am keeping your family in my prayers that God will bless and comfort you during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Ben, my dear friend,

My heart is breaking to know that in this life I will never again see Janine's radiant smile, and Matthew's practical approach to every problem, and Esther going from pouting to giggling in the wink of an eye.

I love you, and our prayers are with you.

Todd Hepworth and Family
Fort Worth, TX

Chuck and Debbie said...

Dear Ben and family,
We feel and share your grief at this tragic time of loss. Words cannot express our sadness. We pray that you will draw comfort from the promises of eternity that allows your family to be together forever. Please know that we would gladly do anything we can for you here in Texas.
With heartfelt love and care,
The Bartosek Family

Cathy said...

Dear Ben and Family,

We fondly remember Janine's beautiful hats, teaching your sweet children over the years, watching the boys swim at cub scouts, babysitting your kids, mowing the yards, and when you and Janine moved here as newlyweds. Our hearts and prayers go out to you!

Chris and Sally Seil and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Howard family, my wife and I wish to extend our sorrow at you tragic loss. We pray that ministering angels will attend your family and carry you through at this very sad time. May God bless you.

Paige said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I remember Janine from Middle School, and she was a wonderful person.

May God bless you through this terrible ordeal, and may the organs donated save lives.

Anonymous said...

Dear Howard Family,

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Turn to Him, and God will give you strength and peace during this time. We love you!

-The Long Family

Anonymous said...

Although we do not know your family, we feel deeply of your loss and pray you will be sustained during this time and in the years to come.

Shauntae said...
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Jared and Jodi said...

Ben and family,

While it’s hard to even imagine the heartache that you are going through, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We pray that you may be sustained through this difficult time.

Jared and Jodi Wright

Anonymous said...

My family dont know your family but please know that we think about you and your and your family ever day. my family dont live far from where the accident happend. Your family is in our thoughts.

the ropelato family.

Anonymous said...


My prayers along with my families are with you. NO words can express the out pouring of love for you and your family at this time. Lean on GOD and he will see you though this time of need.

Remember your medicine and your tools that you learned.

Lara Wedel

Julia said...

Dear Ben and family,

My heart is so full of love and compassion for you at this time of loss. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that you might have peace, strength $ comfort. Also that forgiveness may fill your heart. Know that your Savior has already suffered this pain for you. He knows what you are going through and if asked, He will help you to carry this burden. Lean on Him.
When you come home to visit your Mom and Dad, Matthew was in my primary class. What a marvelous young man he was. I know that he is doing great things in our Father's kingdom.

Love, Sis. Julia Wareing
Rose 1st Ward

Angel Nibarger said...


We just wanted to let you know that we loved your family. We have know yall for the last 12 years. You are in our prayers. We love yall.

Angel Nibarger

Anonymous said...

Ben, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am praying for you daily. My heart aches for you and your wifes family. You and your family have touched so many lives and were lights to many. May that love now shine for you and help guide you during this tragic time. Hugs and beans of love for you.

Love, Angie Davis (choices feb 2005)

Anonymous said...

We extend our deepest sympathy to your family. Fond memories console the heart. The girls send Rachel their love and hope for a speedy recovery. We'll keep each of you in our prayers.

Ron & Anita Romrell
Jonathan, Evan, Logan & Madisan

Anonymous said...


We just heard about the accident today. Our hearts are broken. If there is anything we can do for you and your family here please let us know. You all have always been such good neighbors and friends to us. We are all so sorry for your loss. We will be praying for you.

The Hornisher Family

Bill, Julee, Sarah, Melissa and Billy

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ben,
Words cannot express how much sorrow I feel for this tragedy. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and Prayers. The gift I see in you is a kind, gentle, forgiving man of great worth to self and all mankind. You share a big piece in my heart as part of the Fab 44 group, we will always be ever so grateful for you touching and coming into our lives and are here for you always.

Much Love & Warm Hugs,

Phil & Myrna St.George said...

Dear Ben and Family --
You don't know us, but we feel we know you thru our very dear friends, Harold & Yolinda Huber. We were shocked and saddened when Harold emailed us the terrible news of your tragedy. We wanted to join the many in expressing our very heartfelt sympathy at your great loss.

We know from experience that you are working on auto-pilot right now, and how very difficult it is to even put a thought together. We have lost 3 of our 4 children (but not at the same time). We can tell you that this next year is going to be a very difficult year, but with the help of your family, friends, and the Gospel, you can and will get through it.

We'd like to share a poem that meant so much to us when we lost our children, and hope it brings you some comfort also.
"Little Angels"
When God calls children to dwell with him above,
We mortals sometime question the wisdom of his love.
For no heartache compares with the death of one small child
Who has done so much to make our world seem wonderful and mild.

Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his fold,
So he picks a rosebud, before it can grow old.
God knows how much we need them,
And so he takes but a few,
To make the Land of Heaven more beautiful to view.

Believing this is difficult,
Still somehow we must try.
The saddest word mankind knows
Will always be "good-bye."

So when a child departs, we who are left behind must realize
God loves little children --
Angels are hard to find.

You are very blessed in having so many friends and family so willing to offer you support. Don't hesitate to call on them -- day or night -- they won't mind.

May we also recommend, if needed, (it helped us tremendously) a group called "Compassionate Friends." It is a group for parents who have lost children. I'm certain there is a group also, for family tragedies such as yours.

Even though you do not know us, we have walked a little in your shoes. Please feel free to call - day or night - if you need someone to talk to.

With empathy and sympathy, and much love,

Phil & Myrna St.George
Trenton, TX

Debbie Key (Carter) said...

Ben and family,
My sincere sympathy. You and your family are in my prayers. Comforting to know that your family
is forever.


James Arnett said...

These are agonizing words to read, much less absorb. I wish I could say something comforting but my heart is in too much darkness to see any light right now to look toward.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ben,
I have been waiting to talk to you thinking that God would give me the perfect words...well there are no perfect words. I am sitting at the computer crying for you and your family, of course not knowing what to say except that you are being thought of, prayed for, and lifted in His spirit. I have a special memory of you and your wife and it was at the Choices dance. Ya'll were so happy and you both just fit danced so well together. I thought at the time how lucky you must both feel to have found each other. I hope this is not too much but I wanted you to know what I saw at that time.

Again, I am praying for you, praying for your family and lifting those prayers to the One who can comfort you. You have been such a blessing to so many at choices, and I was one of them.

In His Perfect Love,
Connie (Choices June 2006)

Anonymous said...

We were wondering how Caleb was doing?